What to do in Munich on a Weekend

If it’s your first time in Munich, we recommend visiting all the touristy places like Olympia Park, Marienplatz, Hofbräuhaus etc. Been there, done that (more than once). But once you’re done with it, take a walk though the Leopold Strasse and enjoy the city like the locals do.
Munich locals prefer the laid back style of life. Munich has been called the northernmost city of Italy for a reason. You can take a seat in one of the countless cozy terraces and enjoy a cup of coffee or a brunch.

On this particular weekend we visited the Academy of Fine Arts at the Victory Gate, one of the oldest art academies in Germany. It is open Monday through Saturday and entrance is free.
Speaking of free entrance, a lot of museums in Munich offer free entrance on Sunday or charge only 1 €. You can find the list of museums and prices HERE.

After Academy of Fine Arts we visited the Transport Museum (Verkehrszentrum) at Bavaria Park. A wide selection of exhibits of cars, commercial vehicles and railways from different periods of time is shown in three large halls. Each hall is dedicated to a special theme.
Right across is Wirtshaus am Bavariapark. It is a restaurant with a huge beer garden, where you can try some traditional Bavarian dishes and beer.

We finished off the day with delicious dinner at Katzlmacher on the Bräuhaus Strasse, close to Hofbräuhaus. If you like fine Italian dining, you will love Katzlmacher.

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  1. I love free or almost free museums! A leisurely brunch sounds great too. It’s definitely been too long since I visited Munich. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard

  2. I feel like there are so many layers to Munich and I haven’t explored enough of them!! I think we’ll definitely be visiting the Academy of Fine Arts next time!! It looks like a lovely area that we haven’t explored at all yet!

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