Last Minute Black Friday Shopping Ideas and Codes

  Being often away from home doesn't leave you much time for shopping. And with Black Friday around the corner, you don't want to miss out on some great deals. For me shopping is stressful, especially during big sales, like Black Friday. That is why I turn to online shopping. Online shopping is not nearly [...]

How to Recover Your Travel Photos

  Most of us have lost some data at one point or another. But it happened to us twice this year. All kinds of thoughts and (not so appropriate) words went through my head. We’ve been to Prague a few months ago and when we came back home we wanted to write a blog post [...]

The Best Places to Eat in Graz

Austrians love their food and they love eating out. Their cuisine is a combination of various national influences and food cultures. Just like the city, the food of Graz is also a mixture of tradition and contemporary. Graz has adopted mediterranean lifestyle with a lot of life going on outside, a lot of cafés and [...]

First Time in Graz

We've been to Austria many times, but for some unknown reason we've never visited Graz. With it's population of 280000, Graz is second largest city in Austria. I must warn you upfront that this post will contain way more photos than usual because the places worth taking pictures are literally everywhere you look. The charm [...]

What to do in Munich on a Weekend

If it's your first time in Munich, we recommend visiting all the touristy places like Olympia Park, Marienplatz, Hofbräuhaus etc. Been there, done that (more than once). But once you're done with it, take a walk though the Leopold Strasse and enjoy the city like the locals do. Munich locals prefer the laid back style [...]