How to Recover Your Travel Photos


Most of us have lost some data at one point or another. But it happened to us twice this year. All kinds of thoughts and (not so appropriate) words went through my head.

We’ve been to Prague a few months ago and when we came back home we wanted to write a blog post about it. So I tranferred the photos to my laptop. I have a mild (or not so mild after all) OCD when it comes to throwing things away. This applies to both material and virtual stuff. I really don’t know how and why I did it, I just did. I deleted those pictures. And as a real perfectionist, I emptied my recycle bin as well, like I always do. A few photos on my iPhone, like the one below, were  just not enough for a blog post.

Then we went to Graz recently and as huge foodies we went to several restaurants to try some dishes. Now you can probably guess what happened. Yes, I deleted the pictures. Again.

Finally, we came to our senses, or better said I came to my senses, because I am the main eraser, and got Stellar Data Recovery. Nomen est omen as I often say. And in this case it is absolutely true. It does what it says: recovers all kinds of your data. In my case it was photos, but it can bring back your deleted videos, music files and much more for you. For me it is a big game changer. Now I don’t need to worry and double check when I empty my recycle bin.

It is downloaded in no time, easily operated and is available for Mac and Windows users.

I am sure that there are some women out there who are real tech experts and know how to work with complicated software. But I am just not one of them. So, when I say it is incredibly simple to work with, it really is. I had no problems installing or using it.


In case you do experience any problems, Stellar Data Recovery creators offer great tech support though live chat. I must admit that I haven’t tried it, because it was really simple to use. But it is good know that help is available 24/7 if someone needs it.
Now I have to go check if there are some files that I don’t need anymore and delete them. 

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