How to Deal With Post-Travel Depression

The post travel depression
We’ve all experienced it at some point, coming back from a perfect trip, only to wish we could go back to the place where we spent the last few weeks or days. You are sad and have hard time focusing on your everyday tasks. Studies have shown that most of us have struggled with post travel depression to some extent.
For your physical and mental well being we’ve come up with some useful tips on how to deal with the post travel depression.

Try to see the positives in being back home
Being back home definitely has its upsides. One of the advantages is sleeping in your own comfortable bed. For this reason we always change our bed sheets right before our trips. There is nothing like sleeping in fresh bedding.

Avoid stimulants
Try to avoid alcohol and caffeine. If you can’t function without coffee, try to limit the amount of caffeine. As much as I love coffee, I try not to drink any caffeine containing beverages 3-4 hours before going to bed. If you’re suffering from jet lag, keep your blinds closed or use a sleeping mask, spray some lavender essential oil on your pillow and if nothing helps take melatonin rather than sleeping pills.

Dedicate some time to yourself
Schedule some “me time” and take a warm relaxing bath instead of shower. But don’t only fill up your bathtub with any random soap. Put some effort and light the candles, add some essential oils and listen to relaxing music.

Eat healthy
Overindulging at restaurants and bars while being away from home, as well as lack of sleep can be hard on your body and also your face. Try to eat as healthy as possible and boost your immune system. Like I already mentioned, avoid caffeine (I know it’s hard) and opt for green tea or warm lemon water. Eat more fruit, vegetables and lean meat.How to deal with post travel depression

Slowly return to your life routine
There is nothing worse than coming back from a trip on Sunday and going to work on Monday. If possible return to work on Tuesday or come back from your vacation on Saturday. That way you will have some more time to reengage with the routine of your life.
Read a book, go for a walk, meet with your friends, do whatever makes you feel good. Most of all, enjoy whatever you are doing.
And don’t forget to organize your travel photos 🙂
How to deal with post travel depression

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