Verona – World’s Most Romantic City

Verona is known for being the world's most romantic city. But it is also, just like Graz, a cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although this city is most famous for Romeo and Juliet's tragic love, there are quite a few other remarkable sights that deserve to be seen.  Arena Most recognized attraction and pride of Verona [...]

Holiday Gift Shopping

  With Holidays approaching we are all feeling festive and ready to celebrate with our families and friends. It is also time to switch into the Holiday gift shopping mode. Even though I prefer giving presents to receiving them, I don’t like shopping. I think that I mentioned it before, but going to stores stresses me [...]

Christmas Market in Zagreb

According to European Best Destinations, Zagreb is home to the best Christmas market in Europe. Two years in a row. Running from December 2nd 2017 to January 7th 2018, the event is spread out to several different locations in the city. One thing that I like the most (besides mulled wine) about Christmas markets are [...]

How to Deal With Post-Travel Depression

The post travel depression We’ve all experienced it at some point, coming back from a perfect trip, only to wish we could go back to the place where we spent the last few weeks or days. You are sad and have hard time focusing on your everyday tasks. Studies have shown that most of us [...]

Last Minute Black Friday Shopping Ideas and Codes

  Being often away from home doesn't leave you much time for shopping. And with Black Friday around the corner, you don't want to miss out on some great deals. For me shopping is stressful, especially during big sales, like Black Friday. That is why I turn to online shopping. Online shopping is not nearly [...]