Burger Fest in Zagreb

After a few hours of shopping in the city center, we got hungry. Instead of going to a restaurant, we decided to have a burger for lunch. The Burger Fest in the nearby park on the Strossmayer square, a place where burger lovers are gathered  for the second time.



Chosing between the best burger makers in Zagreb was not easy. We opted for “Submarine Burger”. The line was long and after waiting for 30-ish minutes we finally got our meals.




It was definitely worth waiting. The buns grilled on both sides were savory, moist and chewy. Two perfectly roasted pieces of meat (per burger) were juicy, accompanied with crunchy bacon, nicely spiced sauce, fresh salad and soft cheese. French fries with caramelized onions and sour cream dressing were the ideal addition to our lunch.





The only disappointment was the fact that there was no place to sit down. There were not enough tables, so we had to walk to a neighboring park and sat on a bench. The organizers should think about moving to a bigger area next year.


What’ s your favorite burger?









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