12 000 Steps in Zagreb

We were actually on our way to Burger Fest but then we thought that it would be nice to revisit some of our favorite locations in the city that we call home and share them with you. So, we charged our camera battery, emptied SD card and started taking photos.

Zagreb gets often unreasonably overlooked as a tourist destination. Compared to some other European capitals, Zagreb is as attractive and beautiful, yet much more affordable.
You can move through Zagreb using various modes of transportation from cab to tram. A daily ticket costs 30 HRK which is about 4 EUR. But we prefer walking, as we can take our time to stop and get a closer look at something. Walking is also a healthier option.
If you start your tour at the Main Train Station, you can already feel the influence from different periods in history in the city whose character is shaped by events in it’s very turbulent past.

As you stroll through the streets from Lower to Upper Town, stop by and get some souvenirs, have a cup of coffee in one of the many cafés or visit a museum. There are so many galleries and exhibitions, that there is something for everyone, even a Museum of Broken Relationships.

The Zagreb Cathedral built in 13th century, located in the Upper Town,  is the tallest building in Croatia. If you are visiting Zagreb on a weekend don’t miss the changing of the guards. The colorful ceremony takes place every Saturday and Sunday at noon.

When you are done sightseeing of the Upper Town take a ride on the funicular. It has been in use since 1893 and it operates daily every 10 minutes. You can get tickets for 4HRK (about 0,50EUR). Fun fact: although only 66 meters long it is not only the smallest funicular of the world but also was elected as one of the most beautiful ones.
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