Must-See Places in Milan

Milan is worth visiting any time of the year, but we went to Milan in December. With all the Christmas decorations Milan's must-see places looked even more beautiful than usually. It has so much to offer, it is hard to name just a few. Milan is not just the capital of Lombardia, it is the [...]

How NOT To Gain Weight On Vacation Or During Holidays

How NOT to gain weight on vacation or during holidays? It is the question most of keep asking ourselves during holiday season. Going on vacation does not equal weight gain. Holidays do not equal weight gain either. Keep that in mind. Also vacation/holidays and diet do not belong in the same sentence. A lot of [...]

Verona – World’s Most Romantic City

Verona is known for being the world's most romantic city. But it is also, just like Graz, a cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although this city is most famous for Romeo and Juliet's tragic love, there are quite a few other remarkable sights that deserve to be seen.  Arena Most recognized attraction and pride of Verona [...]